Site Selection

Site Selection is both an Art and a Science.  It merges the visualization and gut feelings with the certainty of facts.  The ability to see both the potential and positioning of a new or enhanced facility supported by the numbers is a learned expertise.  TKCG has that vision and knowledge and can deliver the optimum location or facility to your project anywhere in the World.

TKCG takes the time to understand the needs, requirements and the desires that a Business has in making its decision to expand locations, relocate or just add facilities to their current location.  These are hard decisions and have a firm like TKCG as part of your team can allow management and the workforce to remain focused on their core activities; putting product out the door.  TKCG takes a hands-on view of the process and maintains constant contact with the Business to make sure that we are adjusting to changing environments and economic conditions.  As a result, we deliver a sound and productive solution to the needs of our clients and can stay engaged throughout the development stage of the project.

Our process is structured and proven and we would like you to experience what others have.

Corporate Culture Analysis – We would interview various components of your workforce over a single or multi-day period and determine a profile for your company or division. This is done to better understand your company and how it operates so that we can optimally provide you with locations that best match your way of doing business.

Corporate Needs Determination – We come in and interview your key decision making team to obtain the parameters for the project including market to be served, size of facility, expansion opportunities, employment expectations, skill sets, type of project, time frame, and numerous other pertinent data dealing with the success of the project.

Demographic and Area Profiles – Once the Corporate Needs Determination has been completed we will review potential areas of the country that match the intial needs determination. Following this we will match the demographics of the areas to identify the optimum sites that meet the initial needs of the Client.

Labor Analysis – Through TKCG’s proprietary process we will conduct, using extensive field work, a detailed analysis of current labor force issues which will allow a company to better understand its condition concerning the age, quality and trainability of its work force. We can also analyze a potential community to determine their ability to support additional business or if there are additional needs or if there are enhancements that need to be made to the workforce.

Community and Area Visitation Analysis – Having completed the initial screening against the Needs, we will travel to the areas selected to do a reconnaissance of the area prior to any direct contact with the community or area in question. This is done to receive an unbiased and candid observation of the area. This could include, but is not limited to, interviews with various townspeople, employers, other visitors and other research that is done online as well as in person.

Comparative Analysis – We will spread the information that has been accumulated and compare the identified communities or areas on a matrix of like information which will be weighted based on the initial interviews with Company officials. From this matrix will come a list of finalists based on the number required by the Client.

Incentive Negotiations – We will begin the initial stages of putting the Incentive Package together.  By understanding the needs and desires of the client, we can begin discussing with the competing communities what they can provide in incentives to enhance and facilitate the location of our client in their community.  We will review each of the incentives on both their own merit and in concert with the package as a whole and provide a comparison with recommendations to our client as to the strongest overall package.

Client Community Visitation – Once the potential sites have been reduced to the prescribed number, we will set up community visitations bythe client to have direct presentations by each community.  From these visitations the field will be reduced to one site and then specific negotiations will take place.

Selection of Site – Once a site or building has been selected the company, with the assistance of The Kinnett Consulting Group will negotiate a Memorandum of Understanding to be signed by all parties committing each to the eventual location. At this time an announcement can be made pertaining to the location.

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