Why should I hire The Kinnett Consulting Group for my location in the United States or North America?


What makes Kinnett Consulting Group different than other site or business location companies?


How long will the typical project take to complete?


How many location projects have you completed?


What types of Companies have your assisted in their location decisions?


What has been the investment size of these locations?


How do I know that the location will be a match to my Company?


What is the process used in finding a site or facility?

      1. We interview the company to determine all of the parameters to be used to identify a potential location.
      2. Using the above data we research areas that have an initial match to the Company Profile.
      3. We then look at numerous other key factors to determine if there are any weaknesses in any of the areas to pare down the list of potential sites.
      4. We then visit each of the sites to physically determine if there are any other potential problems or issues with the selected locations.
      5. We then do a proprietary comparative analysis to reduce the list of proposed sites/facilities to between three and five.
      6. We then revisit the last group with the client to reduce the number to a preferred site and an alternative backup.
      7. At the same time we will be discussing the potential incentive package to be provided to the company.
      8. Once all of the issues have been addressed, the client will choose the site and make an announcement.