When Experience and Integrity Make the Difference

The Kinnett Consulting Group is made up of a dedicated team, who can conduct and deliver site location, incentive negotiation, financial packaging, strategic planning and community analysis services to businesses and communities throughout North America and the World.  Our personal approach provides every client with the most comprehensive analysis and interpretation of information possible so that every contingency is anticipated.

Our process involves extensive one on one analysis so that we can provide our clients with down to earth and realistic expectations involved in the location and establishment of facilities and operations.  This includes a complete understanding of the core criteria of the project by the consulting team to determine the optimum and most profitable options for our client.  This also includes a comprehensive network throughout North America to assist our projects in optimizing their potential incentives by knowing what to ask for and what to look for in incentives for the ultimate location.

For our community based clients, The Kinnett Consulting Group provides current and innovative intelligence on what is needed to make them competitive in the marketplace.  We understand all of the aspects of the Development process and can provide our communities with a clear path to success in creating wealth and jobs in their locales.  We conduct detailed analysis which permits our clients to implement comprehensive programs that produce results.

By working with our affiliates, located throughout North America, we can give our clients, both Corporate and Communities,
with the deepest and most comprehensive intelligence of any firm.  For a more detailed explanation of all of our services review our site.

Site Selection

The greatest challenge for a growing and expanding business is keeping its focus while looking into the future.  The Kinnett Consulting Group can assist you in achieving this goal.  Our expertise can help guide you through this Site Selection process while allowing you to keep focused on the daily operations of your business.  So, if you’re thinking of expanding or contracting your business, we can be there to help you through the maze of critical issues.

Economic Development

The Kinnett Consulting Group can assist your community in navigating through the myriad of obstacles that have emerged from this economic crisis.  Our knowledge of the Economic Development landscape combined with our expertise in Site Selection positions us as leaders and innovators in the field.  We can, working with your community, design and implement an economic development program that is strategic in concept that can be delivered effectively.

Incentive Negotiations

The Kinnett Consulting Group has significant experience in performing Incentive Negotiations for clients throughout the US, and with our experience, skills and access we can deliver them to you.  Whether it is at your current location or at potentially new locations elsewhere, The Kinnett Consulting Group has the knowledge of what State and Local Economic Development Officials can and are willing to do to either maintain or attract a facility such as yours.